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Photo and video review of Mercedes-Benz ML 2010

Mercedes-Benz ML 2010 review

Though seven years old, the Mercedes-Benz ML 2010 has still got it. Tough and sturdy, this sports utility vehicle gives peak performance without the loss of feel and aesthetics. lts 3.5-litre V6 engine lets off 268-horsepower, which makes off-road excursions and towing activities easy to execute. lts performance can even be ramped up further if so desired.

Silver Mercedes-Benz ML 2010
Silver Mercedes-Benz ML 2010

The Mercedes-Benz ML 2010 is great for cost-efficiency. The recommended fuel is diesel, but users are given a choice of gas, diesel, or a hybrid mixture. The vehicle’s tank volume of 95 gives three types of fuel economies. There is city fuel economy, highway fuel economy, and mixed mode fuel economy of 14.2, 8.5, and 10.6 respectively. The fuel distance from is 670 and the fuel distance to is 1120. For an older type SUV, especially from a top-class make such as Mercedes-Benz, this can’t be beaten.

Black Mercedes-Benz ML 2010
Black Mercedes-Benz ML 2010

Top speed for the Mercedes-Benz ML 2010 is 130 mph. On roads where the speed limit is 60 mph, this can be hit in eight seconds without burning that much fuel. The vehicle is easy to control and maneuvers well. The brakes are good, and when needed are very sharp.

Front View of Mercedes-Benz ML 2010
Front View of Mercedes-Benz ML 2010

On the photo Mercedes-Benz ML 2010 has ample space for four to five people. It accommodates the normal two persons in the front and three in the back. There are good leg and headroom. For the interior, there are the standard vinyl seats. In addition to a power seat, the driver has cruise control. Comfort is maintained even on heavy and impactful excursions.

Back View of Mercedes-Benz ML 2010
Back View of Mercedes-Benz ML 2010

This high-end vehicle gets top marks for safety. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety once gave it a Top Safety Pick rating. Other ratings have come from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which gave it a four-star rollover rating that it still maintains. Also, to this day, it has a five-star crash rating.

The Mercedes-Benz ML 2010 a functionally-designed SUV with a smooth and unforgettable ride.

CUV Mercedes-Benz ML 2010
CUV Mercedes-Benz ML 2010
City fuel economy 14.2
Highway fuel economy 8.5
Mixed mode fuel economy 10.6
Fuel tank volume 95
Fuel distance from 670
Fuel distance to 1120
Recommended fuel Diesel
Ecological standard EURO IV
Full speed 235
Time for acceleration to 100 km/h 6.5
Engine volume 3996
Engine power 306
Turnovers max power of no data
Maximum power rotations 3600
Maximum torque 700
Turnovers max torque of 2000
Maximum torque rotations 2600
Engine type Diesel
Engine configuration V-type
Injection type Common Rail
Availability of intercooler 1
Number of cylinders 8
Number of valves per cylinder 4
Cylinder diameter 86
Piston stroke 86
Transmission Automatic, 7-speed
Wheel drive Full
Seats 5
Length 4781
Width 1911
Height 1815
Wheelbase 2915
Front track 1627
Rear track 1629
Ground clearance 210
Curb weight 2215
Admissible gross weight 2950
Payload 735
Trunk volume 551
cargo_volume_to 2050
Weight on front axle no data
Weight on back axle no data
Front suspension Independent, Double wishbone, Spring, Stabilizer bar
Rear suspension Independent, Multi-link
Front brakes Disc ventilated
Rear brakes Disc ventilated
White Mercedes-Benz ML 2010
White Mercedes-Benz ML 2010
Gray Mercedes-Benz ML 2010
Gray Mercedes-Benz ML 2010




White Crossover Mercedes-Benz ML 2010 at the Street
White Crossover Mercedes-Benz ML 2010 at the Street
Left Side Of Mercedes-Benz ML 2010
Left Side Of Mercedes-Benz ML 2010
Metallic Mercedes-Benz ML 2010
Metallic Mercedes-Benz ML 2010

Video review Mercedes-benz ML 2010


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