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Photo and video review of Mercedes-Benz Kompressor 2015 Year

Charming Luxury Mercedes-Benz Kompressor 2015

Mercedes-Benz Kompressor 2015 takes a full step ahead and half step up a size of its gaze set in complexity, and now it is among the top attractive luxury car. The 2015 Mercedes-Benz compressor is more luxurious, beautiful and slightly larger that never before. Mercedes-Benz Company has ushered in the new era of equipment and design for the mainstream brand luxury.

Back side of Mercedes-benz Kompressor 2015
Back side of Mercedes-benz Kompressor 2015


The first appearances you are likely to notice when you look are the photo Mercedes-Benz Kompressor 2015 is its dazzling surface. You might even mistake it with S-Class due to its largeness and expensiveness when you stare at it from a distance.
Its stylish upgrade even is much more apparent and extra in line with S-Class. The flowing centre comfort, larger round vents and the inlaid metallic appearance panels in the door all speak the design language that normally reserved for large and most expensive cars.

Left side of dark gray Mercedes-benz Kompressor 2015
Left side of dark gray Mercedes-benz Kompressor 2015


Between two non-AMG models reviews, review Mercedes-Benz Kompressor 2015 is the most preferable. In most types of driving, it feels quick as C400, and only when the right foot smashed on the floor, you will notice it is bit faster, especially in the situation of highway passing, significantly it will return better economic fuel.
And at the event whereby both driven, any improvement in ride was not noticed and the excellent simpler handling of the standard suspension.

Capote of White Mercedes-benz Kompressor 2015
Capote of White Mercedes-benz Kompressor 2015

Engine performance

Mercedes-Benz Kompressor 2015 C-Class came with standard 4Matic 4-wheel drive C400, a designation that denotes turbocharger 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, 241 horsepower rate and 273 pound-feet torque.

The larger C400 gets a double-turbocharged V-6 engine that is good for 329 horsepower speed and 354 pound-feet torque. In the first quarter of 2015, the rear-drive version of C300 becomes available, both hybrid and diesel versions also are expected to be provided eventually in the USA.
Features of Mercedes-Benz Kompressor 2015 • Knockout good appearance out and inside • Excellent steering • Superior interior design • Powerful turbocharged engines • High-tech security options

Video review Mercedes-benz Kompressor 2015


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