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Mercedes-Benz C300 2010: Photo and video review

Mercedes-Benz C300 2010, The car with comfort in mind.

One cannot think of luxury cars without thinking of Mercedes-Benz. They are the epitome of luxury and style with a reputation for durability, fine craftsmanship and comfort. As we review Mercedes-Benz C300 2010 it is obvious that luxury and comfort were the main design features focused on. That does not mean that safety or efficiency were in anyway neglected.


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As with all their models Mercedes-Benz C300 does well in consumer report reviews, in road tests by performance magazines and car associations and customer ratings. The V-6 3.0L 228 horsepower engine allows for acceleration and balance of the car to be remarkably improved on previous models and it is applauded on its responsiveness which allows for optimal handling and control while driving. Agility Control suspension give the C class Mercedes-Benz . The steering response on the C300 is quicker in the 2010 than previous models but still not quite up to the standard of a BMW.


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As with most luxury cars the Mercedes-Benz C300 has a great deal of space for front seat passengers, allowing them to ride in style and comfort. The back seat is still not always spacious enough for grown adults.


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Safety is also taking into consideration with these luxury sedans. All models do have a series of airbags including two in the front, sides, pelvic and curtain airbags and an option to have rear-seat side ones as well. The C300 also can be equipped with a rearview camera so that drivers can assure safety when putting the vehicle in reverse.

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In any photo Mercedes-Benz C300 2010 it is obvious at first sight that this sedan exudes style, luxury and class. A closer look at the features included will confirm the feeling of extravagance when traveling in  Mercedes-Benz. All models in the United States come with items to make your drive as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. You can sing along with your favorite tunes from Sirius Satellite Radio, a media interface for electronics like MP3 players and lpods and boasts a 4GB music hard drive. This car also has a DVD entertainment unit to keep your passengers from getting too bored when stuck in traffic. There is a sunroof to let the wind blow through your hair and power front seats and seat warmers for cold winter morning comfort.


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The Mercedes-Benz C300 2010 is not only about comfort but safety and efficiency too. This series of cars hold a rating of four stars in safety and a “Good” rating for front end impact protection. The Mercedes-Benz C300 is the whole package: Safety, comfort, speed and efficiency.



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Video review Mercedes-benz C300 2010




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