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Mercedes-Benz C180 2012: Photo and video review

Come close to luxury with the Mercedes-Benz C180 Review

Mercedes Benz is a reputed German car manufacturer quite popular for their luxury sedans, sports cars, and more. Owning a Mercedes is a status symbol across the world. To review Mercedes-Benz C180 2012, we take a close look at some of its features.

Mercedes-benz C180 2012 photo - 1

Basic car specifications:

  • Model: C-class 204 series 2007-2014
  • Engine: Spark-ignition 4-stroke engine with 154 hp
  • Colors: Black I Silverl Grey
  • Additional Equipment (Optional): Base, Avantgarde, Elegance

Mercedes-benz C180 2012 photo - 2


LED-technology is used in the headlights and taillights. These LED daytime running lights make it look modern.Chrome accents make the interior more appealing. In spite of using plastic in the interiors, the car has been successful in achieving a more sophisticated look than its predecessors.

Mercedes-benz C180 2012 photo - 3

The interior features that comes with the Avantgarde upgrade elevate the luxury features of the car. It adds a three-louvre radiator grille with the central star with finishes that makes it look like a sports car.

Mercedes-benz C180 2012 photo - 4

You can check out a photo Mercedes-Benz C180 2012 and you will find nothing less than a stunning luxury sedan. It is an entry-level luxury car with a rear-wheel drive.


The car can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 8 seconds and take you up to a quarter mile in 16 seconds. The engine is powered with a turbocharger to enhance the performance of the 4-cylinder engines. But turbochargers can consume a little more fuel. But the fuel consumption lowers with the 7G-tronic Plus automatic transmission.

Mercedes-benz C180 2012 photo - 5

The optional Avantegarde equipment comes with an agility control sports suspension that gives you a steadier ride.

Other features

The car controls include a well-built Becker MAP PILOT navigation system. For days when it gets really cold, the front seats can be heated for comfortable driving. The Parktronic features helps to prevent minor damages to the car by alerting about obstacles. The car also has the additional multimedia access features such as Bluetooth and USB connectivity.

Mercedes-benz C180 2012 photo - 6

To conclude the review Mercedes-Benz C180 2012, superior performance with updated luxury features makes this Mercedes car a good investment.



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Video review Mercedes-benz C180 2012




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