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Irmscher Tuning New Opel Astra K

The Astra K’s sharp design is sporty enough to begin with, but it does look a bit better with some aftermarket enhancements, especially if they’re made by Irmscher.

The German tuning firm has been working with Opel’s products for 47 years now – a longevity which kind of speaks for itself. To top it off, Irmscher operated as a factory team for Opel in many European and German automotive competitions, spawning some iconic German racing cars in the process, including the Ascona B i400 and the Astra DTM,

So, it seems like a good idea to let these guys tweak the newly-launched Astra K with some “individual” accessories. Sure, the images are just some renderings – showing-off Irmscher’s ideas – but there’s no reason to believe that the finish product won’t look exactly the same, especially as the visual enhancement kit isn’t that… comprehensive as you might think.

It includes the classic Irmscher radiator grille, which can be commissioned with a subtle stainless steel or carbon bar, 19-inch rims and decals available in different colors, which accentuates the body’s distinctive design.

The entire rig is lowered by 30 mm, thus ensuring an optimized center a gravity, and Irmscher says that an increase in power of up to 30 hp will be available shortly, both on diesel-powered and gasoline-powered variants. Well, what do you know; it really seems that less is more.

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